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Discovery Summit Japan 2016
The Individualization of Circulating Cancer Cells in the Blood of Cancer Patients Using JMP®

(English follows Japanese)


昭和大学 医学部(江東豊洲病院 消化器センター外科)  准教授 伊藤 寛晃




The Individualization of Circulating Cancer Cells in the Blood of Cancer Patients Using JMP®

Hiroaki Ito, Associate Professor, Department of Surgery, Digestive Diseases Center, Showa University Koto Toyosu Hospital


As a gastroenterological surgeon, I am mostly involved in the surgical treatment of esophageal cancer and stomach cancer, but I also continue translational research on micrometastasis and early cancer diagnosis. Circulating tumor cells, which isolate from primary tumor and circulate in the blood of cancer patients are believed to be the main cause of hematogenous cancer metastasis. In 2004, I clarified the relationship between circulating cancer cells, cancer progression, and prognosis in patients with esophageal cancer. I subsequently identified similar results for stomach cancer, and continued my research with the aim of developing methods for early cancer diagnosis and new metastasis suppression treatments. I recently reported that treatment changes the cellular diameter of circulating cancer cells. I also developed a technique for detecting and sampling viable circulating cancer cells without labelling. JMP is an indispensable and powerful tool for characterizing of individual circulating tumor cells which are extremely important samples in cancer research, and for analyzing the relationship between circulating tumor cells and patients’ prognosis. In this presentation, I will demonstrate the procedure  about how JMP can be used to analyze complex clinical data.
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Very interesting! Thanks for sharing!