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Thanks for the Memory

JMP has always liked remembering things about your data, but with JMP 16, remembering the actions you take becomes very empowering, helping your scripts repeat those same actions on the next set of data automatically. With JMP 16, there are many more features you will find memorable.



Thanks Sir Small, JMP stills go further.


Olivier LACAU

Lots of great new features!  If people want to go back and edit the steps that they've done, are the dialog box settings for each step be recalled or can changes be made only through scripts?


Thanks. Impressed by this demo!

@BobMuenchen, like so much about statistics, the answer is, "it depends."


For platforms you can rerun the platform from the script and then recall the dialog that would generate that report.



Table manipulations and other are more complicated because there frequently isn't a dialog to be recalled.


I hope that helps.