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Level II

Salary Inequality Study Within a Company: Implementation With JMP(R) Pro of Typical Oaxaca and Blinder Method ( 2019-EU-EPO-045 )

Level: Intermediate
Job Function: Analyst / Scientist / Engineer
Corinne Bergès, Six Sigma Black Belt, NXP

Statistical studies have shown that a country's economic wealth is largely based on equality among economic actors. In France, INSEE national institute is in charge of male-female salary inequality studies, using Oaxaca and Blinder’s one methods, which are conclusive on very large samples. But what about small samples from one company? This e-poster originates from a study conducted on NXP France within the framework of its human resources equality policy. The study used JMP Pro. In this presentation, for reasons of confidentiality, the same study was run on new data (500 employees). Relying on the framework of the INSEE method, male and female wage data are first modeled by two different models. Then the models are compared. Next, the male model is applied on women's wages. We see that implementation of this method on a small sample has limits in the choice of factors entering the model and in the under-representation of certain levels of these factors. This prompts us to make a statistical study of male and female distributions in the key factors. Regardless of the possible conclusions from this study on wage inequalities within this company, JMP Pro has demonstrated its perfect functionality in social data studies.