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Level II

Usages of the degradation analysis platform in automotive semiconductor test

Corinne Bergès
Six Sigma Black Belt for Analog & Sensor Business Quality Group, PhD
NXP Semiconductor SAS



Jmp PRO degradation analysis platform can be used for different purposes. We would like to present two case studies in the automotive semiconductor test.

In a first example, power mos are tested at customer’s site and electrical measures monitor component behavior in ten points in a very short time period. To help our customer to understand the breakdownoot cause of a part of the mos components, ten-points curve of these measures are compared between the not-failed parts and the failed ones: the jmp tool used for that was the degradation analysis platform.

Another case study for that same platform was a drift analysis on High Temperature Operating Life Test (HTOL) values. The test was initially performed during 2000 hours but a later request was about a 4000 hour test duration. Platform degradation analysis allowed to avoid an additional costly test: it found several families of curve shape among the 1200 tests and succeeded to predict the ones for them the drift at 4000 hours was likely to be superior at 10%, maximal admissible value.