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让工程师具备这样的能力:运用JMP®及其生态系统进行统计发现和促进创新_Jon Weisz

演讲嘉宾:Jon Weisz,SAS全球副总裁

Speaker:Jon Weisz, Vice President for JMP Sales and Marketing, SAS



Topics: Empowering Engineers to Help Themselves: How to Exploit JMP® and Its Ecosystem to Foster Innovation Through Statistical Discovery







Whatever your line of business, “engineers” are one of your most valuable resources. Engineers design innovative products and assure that these are produced in sufficient quantities at the quality levels needed so that your company thrives. When events don’t go as planned, engineers are the ones with the experience, skills and knowledge to solve problems. At JMP, we believe that statistical discovery can dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your engineering base, even if individual engineers start out with little affinity for using data analysis and modeling techniques. This presentation, which includes some live demonstrations, shows how you can use JMP and the ecosystem around JMP to make this potential real.

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