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Plenary - John Sall - Give Us Your Bottlenecks, Your Problems, Your Hidden Frustrations

We like listening to customers. We even like hearing about the difficulties, bottlenecks and frustrations that users encounter in doing real-world work. That's because we need to know how users are approaching modern problems and where gaps exist. It's that feedback that allows us to know to focus our time, talent and ingenuity on the next iterations of JMP. Simply put: We listen, we create, and we fix. I think you'll enjoy some of the creations and fixes in JMP 14, which became available earlier this year. In my plenary talk, I'll show you the things I think you'll be most excited about.




Part 2 of the Plenary, Functional Data Explorer, was given by Christopher Gotwalt, Director of Statistical Research and Development.

Part 3 of the Plenary, JMP Public, was given by Daniel Valente, JMP Product Manager and Eric Hill, Distinguished Software Developer.




Again, delivered in John Sall's impeccable way!