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A New Analytical Approach for Definitive Screening Designs

Bradley Jones (BradleyJones), PhD, JMP Principal Research Fellow, SAS

Definitive screening designs (DSDs) are a powerful new approach to screening that provide the investigator a way to learn about main effects, two-factor interactions (2FIs), and quadratic effects in a number of runs that is roughly twice the number of factors. Main effects are orthogonal to each other as well as to 2FIs and quadratic effects. However, 2FIs and quadratic effects are correlated though not confounded. Still, this correlation makes foolproof model selection difficult. This talk shows how to take advantage of the special structure of a DSD to get the most clear-cut results possible.


Thanks for putting together a great presentation on an improved method to analyze DSD experiments.  Will the DSD Analysis Add-in be made available on the File Exchange community? 



I also am wondering if the Add-In has been released? I've searched the Add-Ins and don't see the one Bradley refers to in his talk.  Can it be made available if it hasn't been released yet.  Thank you!

I am using a covering array (new in JMP12 Pro) to do software testing on the AddIn under many different scenarios. Assuming the new method passes all the tests, I will put it up on the file exchange.

I am willing to send the AddIn to individual users who e-mail me directly at That way if I make enhancements or fix any bugs that I find, I can send the updated AddIn.