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Jun 14, 2017

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Tame Your JSL Scripts with the JSL Debugger and Profiler

 Tame Your JSL Scripts with the JSL Debugger and Profiler


Jeff Polzin, JMP Principal Software Developer, SAS

Having problems taming the dragon in your JSL code? Does your code misbehave and not follow your directions? Quickly unravel these and other mysteries with the JSL Debugger and Profiler. The JSL Debugger enables you to manage breakpoints, step through the execution of JSL code, examine the current state of variables in namespaces, and watch the contents of selected variables or expressions. Upon JSL Debugger interruption, the current location of execution and log messages are shown. The JSL Profiler identifies execution hotspots that slow down the JSL program. The Profiler collects information about the frequency and speed of the JSL statement execution. This lets you quickly identify potentially problematic areas. This talk describes these features and other options in the JSL Debugger and Profiler, as well as shows the Debugger and Profiler in action.

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