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Sales Dashboard Using Application Builder in JMP® 11: An Efficient Tool for Sales & Marketing

 Sales Dashboard Using Application Builder in JMP® 11: An Efficient Tool for Sales & Marketing


Emma Johnson, Business Process Analyst and Statistician, Cypress Semiconductor

Sales personnel are great at marketing their products, but they need a tool that will assist them with what customers to chase and where. An accessible dashboard – a graphical representation of information that shows historical trends and a snapshot of the current business behavior – will satisfy this need. In the dashboard, customers are clearly linked to the revenue they have produced, making it easy for the sales division to effectively allocate resources. The dashboard in JMP 11 will utilize scripting, data filtering and graph building. There is a script that will get the data from the main source, and the data filter is linked to each graph and table. This session will explain how to create such a sales dashboard in JMP 11 using Application Builder.

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