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Jun 14, 2017

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JMP® as a Teaching Tool for Visualizing Data for an Online Multimedia Public Health Learning Module

 JMP® as a Teaching Tool for Visualizing Data for an Online Multimedia Public Health Learning Module


Amy Cohen, Director of Educational Research and Assessment, Harvard School of Public Health
Rima Habre, ScD, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Harvard School of Public Health

For an environmental health course at the Harvard School of Public Health, we used JMP to teach statistical and epidemiological concepts in a multimedia case study about a cancer cluster in a community. We created visualizations of study results and an interactive simulation that served as educational technologies to enhance learning. Using the Graph Builder and the Local Data Filter, we were able to dynamically create 22 graphic displays to communicate the results in an engaging format suitable for online viewing. After creating one master graph comprising Forest plots arranged within Trellis graphs and with extensive customizations, several subset variations were easily produced. The graphs enabled visual comparison of the results by geographic area, exposure activity and outcome. We also used JSL to simulate the effect of study participation rates on observed odds ratios and to display the impact visually. Using a slider bar to vary participation rates, the viewer can observe the changes in sample sizes in two-by-two tables. A graphical display illustrates the impact on the 95 percent confidence intervals as participation rates vary. One hundred percent of students in the course reported that the visualizations helped them understand the study results and the underlying concepts.

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