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Batch Manufacturing Process Data Visualization: A Configurable JMP® Scripting...

 Batch Manufacturing Process Data Visualization: A Configurable JMP® Scripting Language Application to Generate Elapsed-Time Overlay Plots


Gwen Tennant, Process Engineer, Alkermes Inc.

For batch manufacturing, the ability to simultaneously review process control system data from multiple batches is critical for troubleshooting process upsets and examining the impact of process changes. Manufacturing support personnel often choose to generate simple time series overlay plots to visualize batch data because these charts can reveal nuances that might otherwise be obscured by summary statistics or mathematical models. In order to create multi-batch overlay plots, individual Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) data timestamps must first be converted to elapsed times with respect to fixed reference points in the manufacturing process. Performing these data manipulations manually is cumbersome and time-consuming when working with large data sets. Fortunately, the JMP Scripting Language has enabled us to develop a custom application that directly interfaces with the data historian and automatically generates configurable multi-batch overlay plots. This nimble tool has dramatically improved data visualization capabilities and reduced chart generation time to mere seconds.

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