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Why label Community content?

One of our goals for the JMP User Community is to make it easier to find the information you need, when you need it. To do this, we’re asking you to select a content label when starting a new topic in the Discussions area.

By labeling new topics, you will be able to see other content that may be relevant to your question.


We know that on the surface, labels may not seem too exciting and that requiring labels mean an extra step for you. So, labels have been predefined for easy selection to get you back to your discussions quickly. We used JMP's Text Explorer to analyze the discussions for the past year and found that nearly all topics would fit into one of the following categories: Analytics, Data Table, Scripting, DOE or Graphics. Here are the general guidelines as to which label to use:


  • Use Analytics if you are using a feature under the Analyze menu in JMP.
  • Use Data Table if the discussion is centered around any items under the Tables, Rows, or Cols menu in JMP.
  • Use Graphics if the focus of the topic involves an item under the Graph or Tools menu in JMP.
  • Use DOE if the conversation discusses design of experiments.
  • Use Scripting if the JMP Scripting Language (JSL) is being used.

We realize not all discussions may fall into one of the above categories, so we made Other as the catchall category. Topics that fall into the Other category would include importing data from other databases or operating system-specific features/issues.


We've made adding a label as easy as possible by including the label selection within the workflow of creating a post. All it takes is a single click right before you post.

Level VII

I think you should make a stickey note at the top of the Discussion Forum that includes suggestions for posting.  Things like:

  • what version of JMP are you using
  • a note to suggest attaching JMP files (vs. excel)
  • what questions are you trying to answer with the data/software
Community Manager

@statman , excellent suggestions! When asking a question, there are tips for writing a post given in the right side bar (but not the ones you suggest). We will look at ways of encouraging members to include the information you describe when starting a discussion. Thanks.

Super User

Mac vs Windows helps

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