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The JSL Cookbook and JMP Wish List

The JMP User Community has many ways for you to share, ask, learn, and connect. Two spaces that allow you to do this are: the JSL Cookbook and the JMP Wish List.


See for yourself what each space has to offer:


JSL Cookbook: If you’re looking for a code snippet that performs a common task for your JSL project, the JSL Cookbook might be for you. This new space in the JMP User Community contains building blocks of JSL code that you can use to reduce the amount of coding you have to do yourself.


JMP Wish List: While using JMP, have you thought of a new feature that could enhance the software? Have you wondered where to share your idea? We want to hear your ideas for improving JMP software, and the User Community now has a space for your JMP wishes. Use the JMP Wish List to submit wishes, see other ideas and kudo the ones you like.