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JMP Hands on Workshop - Intro to Design of Experiment

When: May 5th from 10.00 - 11.00


Christian Ramskov Larsen and Phil Kay will guide you through this online session. You will also need a working version of JMP to follow along in the workshop. If you don’t already have a full JMP license installed on your system, you can download a 30 day free trial version here: Read more and sign up for free here: Sign up! 


The Journal used in the workshop is attached here.


JMP Hands On Workshop – Intro to DOE

Intro Information Slide: Se PDF

Tata Steel case:

Learn (DoE) JMP overview Link:

Q&A from event May 5th – see pdf.

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Level III

Very good, thanks for today's session. Btw, on closing WebeEx automatically prompts to a question whether one wants to download the chat & Q&A protocol from the training seminar.


Hi @Ressel 


I am glad you enjoyed the session. I have added the Q&A session to my post. 



Level II



Thank you for an excellent beginning presentation of DOE.

I am planning to teach a small number of colleagues here at the Johns Hopkins University's Applied Physics Laboratory who are not familiar with DOE via case studies. I would like your permission to use some of your material during my presentation, of course using JMP. 

Is this possible?




Manny Uy

JMP User