Unable to activate JMP

It's JMP 6 and it still does what WE need it to do.  It runs fine on Windows 7.  Our problem is that JMP decided to place a form of DRM on the software and decided to not allow the user the opportunity to use the software they purchased.  Before deciding on no longer activating software you should disable the DRM for the folks that have spent good money on your software.  There has to be a way to activate this software.  Does JMP typically abandon software like this and place users in a situation where they HAVE to keep purchasing the newest without an actual need?

I need to activate my license.  Anyone know how?

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Re: Unable to activate JMP


I understand your frustration with not being able to activate your software.

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to activate JMP 6 and technical support services for the single user license of JMP 6 have now expired.  However, JMP has added many new features since version 6 was released in 2005.

In order to guarantee access to the most recent release of JMP software, I will request that someone from your JMP account team contact you to discuss your licensing options.




Re: Unable to activate JMP

Unless JMP is willing to pay for a new license to replace the license we

already purchased then we are no longer wasting any time with this software

and DRM tactics that force clients to purchase/upgrade. Dangling "New

Features" does nothing if they are unnecessary and the current version

fills the need.

Thank you.

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