Which Model When?

Workshop : Pre-conference

You have a business or research question, you’ve collected or found appropriate data, and you are ready to analyze. But which analytical methods should you try? How will your build your models? Do you need interactions? Polynomials? How will you choose model terms? In this session, we will look at several data scenarios and present modeling options and a framework for comparison. We will look at how different questions or goals affect the modeling choices we make. (Predict? Explain? Find associations?) Models covered will include methods found in the “Fit Y by X,” “Fit Model,” “Predictive Modeling,” “Screening,” “Multivariate Methods,” and “Clustering” menus in JMP.

This workshop takes place outside of the main Discovery Summit conference. It is not included with your registration fee.


Fee: £

150 per day

Room: Whitworth 1