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Cutting Costs, Elevating Quality: DOE's Impact on Immunohistochemistry Clinical Protocol

Cerba Research is a globally renowned company that specializes in delivering top-notch analytical and diagnostic solutions tailored for clinical trials worldwide. At Cerba Research Montpellier, our dedicated team customizes immunohistochemistry protocols to detect specific target expressions within patients' tissue sections. To address the escalating demand for protocol development and enhance process profitability, we recognize the vital need to streamline development timelines and reduce costs.

Given the diversity of custom protocols to be developed, the conventional OFAT (one factor at a time) approach is no longer sufficient. We have therefore undertaken an in-depth evaluation, comparing various design of experiments (DOE) methodologies, including custom design and space-filling design, using JMP. These DOE approaches are evaluated against previously developed OFAT protocols. We present data illustrating the comparative advantages of OFAT and DOE approaches, in terms of cost-effectiveness and quality.