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Practice JMP using these webinar videos and resources. We hold live Mastering JMP Zoom webinars with Q&A most Fridays at 2 pm US Eastern Time.See the list and register. Local-language live Zoom webinars occur in the UK, Western Europe and Asia. See your country site.

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Fitting Repeated Measures Data using JMP Pro


See how to:

  • Use repeated measures to model correlation structures
  • Organize data, graph correlations, build models, compare/select the best model and test hypotheses
  • Interpret statistics related to mix models
  • Understand Toeplitz, ante-dependent and compound symmetry (equal variances) covariance structures 
  • Deploy AR(1) model that assumes degradation rate constancy over time
  • Deploy Toeplitz model that has different degradation rates for different time periods
  • Deploy random coefficients (random intercept/random slope) models to model random effects
  • Interpret Repeated Effects Covariance Parameter Estimates
  • Compare models


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