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Practice JMP using these webinar videos and resources. We hold live Mastering JMP Zoom webinars with Q&A most Fridays at 2 pm US Eastern Time.See the list and register. Local-language live Zoom webinars occur in the UK, Western Europe and Asia. See your country site.

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Analyzing Survival Data


See how to:

  • Understand why survival analysis is useful
  • Use medical data to perform survival analysis using Life Distribution and Survival platforms
  • Examine Kaplan-Meier estimates and compare survival by grouping variables
  • Run parametric survival models to predict survival times based on type of treatment


See how to:

  • Create medical parametric survival models and Cox’s Proportional Hazards models
  • Compare models, use the Distribution Profiler to predict survival probability and use the Quantile Profiler to identify median survival time


See how to:

  • Determine the drivers of customer attrition (churn) and predict the expected customer retention duration




Thank you for very instructive and helpful videos and examples. I am trying to figure out how to deal with left censored data in environmental analysis, and will try to use the same statistics as employed in the videos for that. I have two questions, are the dataset used in the videos available in JMP dataset or here on the website? Secondly; are you aware of any resources (videos or demonstrations) on JMP about left censoring in environmental chemistry/analysis? 
Thanks again!


Hi again, I found the VA lung cancer dataset, so disregard my first question. 

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