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self reference for the scripts in << set menu script

What inspired this wish list request? 

I had a situation similar to that described in this post by @AlterEgo  and @jthi :  Solved: Self-reference in the hot-spot script ("Set Menu Script"). Is it possible? - JMP User Commun... and was surprised there is no simple way to refer to the "self" outline box the scripts are attached to.  Yes, it's possible to use a robust reference to that outline in the embedded script (as shown in that thread) but it seems overly complicated. And that's not reflected well in the scripting index where the example just uses the same variable inside the embedded script in a way that seems a recipe for disaster.


What is the improvement you would like to see? 


Something like the "self" that's built-in when adding a script to a button just like @AlterEgo  was hoping for.


Why is this idea important? 


Ease of use.  And, as I noted, I think the scripting index example is misleading because it doesn't want to suggest you need to eval(evalexpr()) to use the function.