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self reference for a table script

What inspired this wish list request? 


It seems like it would be simple to use currentdatatable() at the start of a script embedded in a table and it would refer to that table. But if the table is private, currentdatatable() will not return it. I have cases where I want to keep the table private but be able to use <<runscript() to run its script and make some behind-the-scenes updates.   An exchange I had with JMP support on that led to no good ideas on how I could reference the private owning table and  the suggestion that it could be a wish list item.


What is the improvement you would like to see? 


I would like a table script to have some simple shortcut to refer to the table it is embedded in.  This could be something similar to the "self" you can reference in a script embedded in a button.  


Why is this idea important? 


I just made a similar request about <<setmenuscript where it's just a convenience to have a simple reference to the containing outlinebox object. But in this case I think there is no good way to have a private table's script refer to itself even though you put the script there for a reason - it likely wants to specifically operate on that table.