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selection filter in interactive HTML: option to disable "include"

What inspired this wish list request? 

There are some features of interactive Dashboards which are not implemented in interactive HTML yet.

If such a feature is present in a Dashboard, the exported HTML file will no be interactive and a message is displayed:


A question that arises very often: why is a local data filter not interactive:
The Data Filter window is not interacting in HTML 


JMP16 HTML Filter Disabled 

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an the easy solution: it's due to the "Include" functionality: the graph adjusts (fit lins, X/Y Groups, plot region etc.)  to the displayed data points. 
And at the moment, such an interactive adjustment is not yet possible in interactive HTML.

A kind of solution: disable the Include mode.


There is a similar issue with "filter by" or "filter + 1 dashboard", where one graph is used to filter the other graphs in the Dashboard.



In this post:

Filtered data function didn't work for JMP 14 dashboard interactive HTML report 
 @John_Powell_JMP provided a workaround: replace the selection graph with a local data filter and disable include mode.

Till 2020, selection filters have not been implemented in Interactive HTML. when @josh_markwordt reported that  a request was added for the feature request being used internally to track it.

Unfortunately, there were too few votes to support the feature in the internal tracking list, such that selection filters are not yet possible in interactive HTML: 


What is the improvement you would like to see? 

Please implement selection filters in interactive HTML, i.e. the functionality that one graph can be used to filter the other graphs in the Dashboard.

Please provide similar option like for Local Data Filter: Show and Include

such that the selection filter can be used on any system -  the need for a Jmp Live Server.


Why is this idea important? 

Interactive Plots in Jmp are very cool.

Interactive Plots exported as interactive HTML are convenient to share some kind of this spirit with non-Jmp users.

Non-interactive features in interactive HTML are not cool. -> remove them!





more wishes submitted by  hogi_2-1702196401638.png

Level XI

The "workaround" with Local Data Filter is very useful for simple filter.
Here is an example where "filter by" is much more useful than a Local Data Filter:

(although I admit, this kind of plotting is not the most useful for the chosen dataset



dt = Open( "$SAMPLE_DATA/Wafer" );
New Window( "Wafer Stacked - Dashboard",
	Data Filter Context Box(
		H List Box(
			Data Filter Source Box(
				dt << Graph Builder(
					Size( 460, 424 ),
					Show Control Panel( 0 ),
					Fit to Window,
					Summary Statistic( "Median" ),
					Variables( X( :X_Die ), Y( :Y_Die ), Color( :Defects ) ),
					Elements( Heatmap( X, Y, Legend( 5 ) ) )
			dt << Graph Builder(
				Show Control Panel( 0 ),
				Lock Scales( 1 ),
				Summary Statistic( "Median" ),
				Variables( X( :Lot ), Y( :Defects ) ),
				Elements( Bar( X, Y, , Summary Statistic( "Mean" ) ) ),
						{Min( 0 ), Max( 0.4 )}




Status changed to: Acknowledged
Level I

This is essential!  Without it, Interactive HTML isn't really very interactive....   It's a long journey to discover that this capability isn't available, and disappointing to have to go back to sending out an Excel pivot table or graph.   (Also, one of the problems we had is that it can APPEAR to be working -- we made a heatmap and applied a local data filter, and then figured out (thanks JMP Community!) that we needed to turn off the "Include" so that it would work in Interactive HTML.  After turning off "Include" it appeared to work -- if we filtered something the graph did change.....BUT some cells were correct and others incorrect!)