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Sort data table + add rows + concatenate -> make it possible

☐ cool new feature
☑ could help many users!

☑ feels like a „bug“

☐ nice to have

☐ nobody needs it


What inspired this wish list request? 

If reports are open, Jmp is not able to sort a data table: 


Same issue for data tables with linked subsets: Sorting the data table doesn't work.


Similar issue if a user wants to add rows to a data table or concatenate data tables.


This feels like 20th century.


What is the improvement you would like to see? 

Please remove the restrictions.



Why is this idea important? 

For new users, such limitations give the impression that JMP is still in its infancy.

There is a risk that they will not invest the time to learn that there are other places where Jmp can be quite powerful/helpful.


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