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Relative file path link for analysis files (eg, graphs, plots)

What inspired this wish list request? 


Whenever i move/organise my files and folders, all of the JMP analysis links break if the graph has used a reference to the data table rather than embedding - this is most annoying/inconvenient, and means that i have to perform the analysis all over again. I believe this is caused because the link between the analysis file and the data table file is an absolute reference (ie, starting at C:/)


What is the improvement you would like to see? 


It would be SOOO helpful, if those 'absolute' references could be replaced by relative references - since quite often, my analysis files are stored in the same folder as the data table that they reference. Doing this would mean i could then put the files wherever i like and they would still work and be useful. 


Why is this idea important? 


This would make it much easier for your users to organise their work after performing the analysis of data, rather than having to think completely proactively about how many files you might generate, and whether it might be better for them to have their own folder/location on a drive.