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Provide Keep Dialog Open option to all of JMP platform launchers

What inspired this wish list request? 

Messing up my column selection in Variability platform launcher when I didn't remember the exact order (was it the first or last item in group which was considered "part").


What is the improvement you would like to see? 

I would like to have Keep Dialog Open checkbox (disabled by default) in all of JMP platform launchers so I can enable it, run my platform, check I get I was expecting to get, if I didn't modify launcher settings, run again, ..., until I can close my launcher.


Why is this idea important? 

Makes it easier to test different settings in JMP Platform launchers. We do have a recall but it is always a hassle to go and find the platform from menus. There is also the "Recall Last Platform" which kinda does what this check box would, but no one knows about it and it is behind menus (learning the shortcut would definitely help though, but it would force me to move my mouse hand to keyboard as by default it is Ctrl + L). Maybe adding that as a toolbar could be other option instead of adding keep dialog open check box.