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Process Screener Summary Table Improvements

What inspired this wish list request? While using the summary table, I have to find work arounds for interacting with the raw data table with selections that area easy to make in the PS summary table.  For example, if I wanted to just select the columns that have out of spec conditions there is no easy way to do that.



What is the improvement you would like to see? 

  • Add the ability in the red arrow drop down to select the columns in the associated data table from the highlighted "Column" rows in the PS summary table 
  • In the select where options in the red triangle , add in "not missing" or add in an "Invert selection" option
  • Add in the ability to lock the highlighted "Column" rows so that if you change anything on a local data filter, the same "Column" rows will remained highlighted after the filtering is finished.  Right now it moves around (and I not sure what logic it uses)
  • Add in the options for "Process Screener" under the red arrow options of "Launch for Selected".  This goes along with second item above (the item above is how you would selection items when you then want to use the red arrow option of "Remove Selected Items", this suggestion allows you to remove unselected items)
  • When the sorting order of the PS summary table is changed, have the "Charts as selected" and "Charts for selected" order update to match the new order.
  • Allow selecting rows in the data table with out of spec and/or Alarms to be selected vis a red arrow button for the highlighted "Column" rows in the PS Summary table.
  • On the "Charts as selected" and "Charts for selected" have preferences for the Control limits and Spec limit formatting that are platform specific
  • Be able to sort the PS summary table by more than one column
  • Have the ability so that on "Charts as selected" the axis settings will not get updated for the X axis as you select other "Column" rows



Why is this idea important? This will improve the user efficiency and experience as well as allow better presentation and exploring of the outputs from the platform. 


Thanks for considering