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Predictor Screening add random normal data and random nominal to compare in results table

What inspired this wish list request? On a couple of webinars showing the Predictor Screening, I have seen the user add some random normal data, to show where just random data might fall within the Predictor Screening output. This seems to be a great idea to always have that option, or even make it the default. 


What is the improvement you would like to see? Add the option on the launch dialog to add Random Normal data and/or Random Nominal data to allow comparison to just random chance from continuous or nominal predictors. Might be an option down near the "Number Trees" and "Set Random Seed", or under the "Cast Selected Columns into Roles". 

Ideally would color code in the table output to highlight "Random Normal" and "Random Nominal N". 

The random nominal may be more difficult. In the JMP sample "Bands Data", some of the predictors are 2 categories, or 3, 4, 5. So either give user the chance to specify, or maybe there is a procedure to add 2,3,4,5 if already exist in the predictors.



Why is this idea important? Ease of use and interpretation of the results. I like how p-value is color coded and sorted in many of the platform outputs, this would be similar to show about where random noise would be in the Predictor Screening results.



Level V


Example of adding "Random Normal", "Random 2 Categories", "Random 3 Categories", to check what predictors might be above the noise

Level V


Having to manually enter new columns or temporary columns. Wish is to have this as an option selectable on the Predictor Screening platform launch