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Please add conditional formatting capability to tabulate results. Color shading. Etc.

What inspired this wish list request? 

I have to export tabulate results to Excel and reformat it.  Waste of time.  


What is the improvement you would like to see? 

Add conditional formatting.  


Why is this idea important? 

Saves time.  


Level XI

Kudo from my side.

Level XI

additional format features which could make Tabulate much more useful:


  • rotate column titles -> vertical
  • reduce font size
  • change column titles - esp: split a column title into two lines
    (unfortunately, tabulate ignores line breaks in the column names)
  • change entries (replace text)
  • make grouping entries selectable (for copy & paste)

Tabulate - change format? 


additional Features:

  • add a String Col Edit Box as an additional column
  • convert to a table box

Status changed to: Acknowledged