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Option to make Conditional Data Filter work from top to bottom instead of selection order

There are quite a few wish list items regarding data filters but quickly check I didn't find one exactly like this


What inspired this wish list request? 

Using highly useful conditional data filter and realizing that is is very order dependent.


What is the improvement you would like to see? 

Some option which would allow me to force the order of Conditional data filter be from top to bottom


Why is this idea important? 

Gives more flexibility to conditional data filters and makes it more user-friendly (in my opinion). 


Hi @jthi - thanks for the suggestion.  On the order-dependence of the conditional behavior, I want to point out that each time you Clear the filter, a new conditional order can be used.  It is also possible to rearrange the filter items to your liking with drag-and-drop.  Currently, drag-and-drop does not result in a change in the conditional order.  With the suggested option, I think reordering the filter items would also affect the conditional order.  Is that what you would expect?

Super User

Yes, it is (though I wouldn't mind if I could prevent that when scripting BUT it could get very confusing to users)