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More distributions to handle data sets with zero's or negative values

What inspired this wish list request? 

I analyze a lot of data that is a deviation from nominal and thus has values at zero or negative values.  If the data is skewed there are much more limited Distibution fitting options in both the Distribution platform and the Capability platform (and no options in Process screener!).



What is the improvement you would like to see?

I would like to see additional distributions such as largest and smallest extreme values, 3 parameter Weibull/Gamma/Exponential/Lognormal, and zero inflated distributions as asked for here:

Add Zero Inflated distributions to Distribution Platform - JMP User Community

in the Distribution Platform, Capability Platform, and the Process Screening Platform.


Why is this idea important?

Since a proper capability analysis requires the need for a well fitting distribution, having a large number of options is key for user success.  As such, currently any skewed data set that includes values at 0 or less can lead to poor capability analysis due to more limited fitting options that >0 data sets.