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Local Data Filter - don't disable the SELECT option (💚)

☑ cool new feature
☑ could help many users!

☐ removes a „bug“

☐ nice to have

☐ nobody needs it





For Local Data filters, the Select option is missing:


Is the absence of Select mode a fundamental necessity for Jmp to work - or is it just like @ian_jmp guesses:

~ It's removed because otherwise the user could be confused by the too many possibilities/too much functionality.


I understand that not every user needs a Select option in a local data filter.


But on the other hand - with the select option enabled, you could generate a completely new generation of Dashboards.
Even after generation of the Dashboard, the user can add variables to the Data filter - and use them to highlight points in the plots!

Thereby, the user of the dashborad is no longer restricted by the creativity of the coder of the dashboard.


The Enhanced Sankey Plot Add-In is a great example of how versatile a Dashbord can be with a select - enabled Data Filter:

Here, @jthi uses a generic Data Filter as a universal highlight tool.

Wether you want to analyze mushrooms, chips or populations, you will always be able to select the values which you want to use to highlight data points.

The only disadvantage here:

@jthi  had to use a global data filter to provide the functionality - i.e. with all the disadvantages of a global data filter!


The additional benefit of a Select-enabled Local Data filter:

If you just have a GraphBuilder report open, you can enable/disable "Dashboard" mode with a single click on the Local Data Filter Icon on the Report Toolbar.

Cool, right?

So here is my Wish:
Please >don't< disable select mode for Local Data Filters.


hogi_0-1671088517789.png     hogi_1-1671088526188.png





more wishes submitted by  hogi_2-1702196401638.png

Status changed to: Acknowledged
Level XI

one of my Top10 wishes of 2022

.. and also now, I wished there was a Select mode for local data filters.

It's really amazing how helpful it is!


At the moment the only data filter that provides the Select mode is the Global Data filter



But by using the Global data filter as a workaround, the user loses the chance to use the Global Data Filter for its actual purpose.

...  and a global Data Filter is not considered in Dashboard Editor - argh!!!



Maybe it's possible to enable the Select option for Data Filters (Local)in Dashboards?



... or add a possibility to interactively toggle the Local option of the Data Filter via the GUI?



What is the reason for not allowing a Global Data Filter in Dashboards?

What is the reason for restriction the functionality of a Local Data Filter - compared to a global one?

Level XI

or: Enable the range slider box  in Dashboards
Then users could use a manually created Local Data Filter - with Select mode.

It feels like Eldorado - with a locked gate at each entrance.

It is a nice that there are sneaky ways to get there - and it feels great there  - "alone".

But for all the users who use Jmp in GraphBuilder mode and Dashboard mode, I wish some of the gates were open