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Interactive HTML: Multiple Profile Responses



Is it possible to add multiple responses profiler on an interactive HTML?  It only works with a single response in my example.


In the attached you can run the embedded model (Desired Profile) and the profile works correctly.  If I save as an Interactive HTML, it does not work.  I can manipulate the table to get a "working" result but it's not the desired result.





Hi Sean,


If you look in the log it says "Interactive HTML: Embedded profilers in this platform are not interactive." when you export this example.  In general you might find this blog post I wrote helpful when dealing with profilers: Why is my Interactive HTML Profiler not interactive? 


This one in particular is not interactive because the profiler occurs within the Fit Group platform, which does not currently have support for interactive profilers in HTML.  In order to support exporting to HTML, work must be done in the desktop code to expose certain pieces of information and sometimes requires updates to code run in the browser as well.  Many JMP platforms have profilers, so we are trying to prioritize them in the order that we think will add the most value, and based on customer feedback.  We have had other requests for this platform and I have added yours to the ticket requesting this (S1519315).


I would suggest as a workaround the method described in the blog under "Unsupported Platforms" of saving the prediction formula and creating the profiler under Graph > Profiler.  Let me know if you have any other questions.




Status changed to: Yes, Stay Tuned!

Making the Fit Group profilers available as an interactive feature for HTML output is on the roadmap for JMP 18.