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Find/Replace Chart Name within Report/Output Window

I think it would be useful to have a Find/Replace function to operate on output window chart names.

For example:

Chart Name = "Variability Chart for <Column Name>"

Find: "Variability Chart for" & Replace with ""


It would save us from having to script variability charts.





if you want a general purpose function to replace the text in outline titles, you could do something like this


replace outline text = Function( {old, new},
	match = Eval( Eval Expr( Current Report() << xpath( Expr( Expr( "//OutlineBox[contains(text(),'" ) || old || Expr( "')]" ) ) ) ) );
	For( c = 1, c <= N Items( match ), c++,
		new title = Substitute( (match[c] << get title), old, new );
		match[c] << set title( new title );

replace outline text( "Variability Chart for", "" );
Community Manager
Status changed to: Not Planned For Now

This would be very difficult for us to do in a general way. We really could only support finding and replacing in outline box headings. As such, the function that @DaveB provided above is equivalent to what we could provide. It's probably best to take that function and use it in an add-in that would provide a simple user interface. Perhaps another community member will do that and post it to the File Exchange.