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Easier way to locate the error line in the Log

In the log file, it would be nice to have an easy way to immediately navigate to the line causing the error.   I occasionally work with scripts having hundreds of lines of code.  I currently must scroll through the log output to find the "###" error code (if it exists) or navigate through my script in the script window to the offending line number.  This can be time consuming.


Would it be possible to have a button or a drop-down menu item in the log that navigates to the point in the log file where error appears?


As an example, I've attached a log file with an error.  I intentionally removed the comma from the if stmt in line 280 from my script and it generates the error when run.  It would be nice if I could just click something in the log window and it would take me right to that line in the log.


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Your idea is in good company. We're working on making errors easier to find in JMP 15 in response to this Wish List item: Line numbers on errors in log output.



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Thanks Jeff.  I'd seen thomasz's suggestion but wanted to build on it.  While his idea is to add line numbers to the log, I'd like to go one step further and allow the user to just immediately navigate to that line.  Because of laziness :)

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Status changed to: Duplicate