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Date Format Pattern - additional functionality

☐cool new feature
☑ could help many users!

☑ removes a „bug“

☐ nice to have

☐ nobody needs it


What inspired this wish list request? 

some remaining BUGS how Jmp handles dates and times.


With Jmp 16, the import of date and time formats got a bit easier:
How do I apply Custom Date (and Duration) Formats in JMP? 


It's like a GUI version of Informat and provides features which before were just available via Date Formula Writer / Data Table Tools Add-in @brady_brady 


But still, there are some time formats which cannot be imported correctly, like

- Monday, March 22, 2023 5:06:07 +0100




What is the improvement you would like to see? 


Please optimize the functionality of the Input_Format option:


- add an autodetect button. One doesn't need AI to see that 2023-12-31 is YYYY-MM-DD
         ... maybe the user just has to specify the meaning of +0100

- add a placeholder to read in the correct time zone offset (+0100)

- add a placeholder to read in infos like CET, ET, ...

- add a non-greedy placeholder - to tell Jmp to ignore all strings in front of the comma, like Monday, - or Montag,

- add a history: Custom Time/Date Format Pattern: history 

- add a way to specify default valuesInput Format Pattern - default values 

- add a display box and shot the first entry of the column -- like it's available in Date Formula Writer / Data Table Tools Add-in @brady_brady 

- add support for ms time codes: 


<DayofWeek>, <Month>, <MMM> should be UNIVERSAL - please don't restrict the input to the local values.

Actually similar to </> which produces a well defined output, but is very open with the input: ".",  "/" ...
alternative: in InputFormat,  please provide a possibility to specify the regional settings

e.g. in my system with german regional setting, I can read in "Freitag, März 20",  but not "Friday, March 20 " !

Please note that "Freitag" is replaced with "Sonntag" anyways  - so, even more frustrating that "Friday" is not allowed.


Why is this idea important? 
Date and Time format import is one of THE annoying thing which users are frightened of.
Jmp already provides some features which help a lot. But they feel like a Light version of
Date Formula Writer / Data Table Tools Add-in from @brady_brady ...



other wishes from hogi_0-1708845235010.png


@JMP Product Management -- @tsl also brought up support for the millisecond format per their reply in the comments thread to:How do I apply Custom Date (and Duration) Formats in JMP?, which would be wonderful to consider as part of this request as we have observed this need from others emailing into the Technical Support queue.  

Level XI

along this line, please add native support for 




compared to  @tsl 's  example in :



Decoded this is  YYYMMDDHHmmSS.mmm


... much better readable for human - but similar issue for Jmp.