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Change Font (Size) on grouping variables in graph builder

In the graph builder, when using a grouping variable, the Font Size of the label can't be changed easily. The only method I found is to change the general "text" font size in the Preferences menu. This is impractical for 2 reasons :

- it changes the settings on the whole software so it can't be done graph by graph 

-  as the "text" font size is very general, it applies to A LOT of items in the software. If you have ever tried changing it, it messes up all your windows, graphs, etc, making them unusable.



So, I would like to request this to be changeable, just like for the X and Y axes. While we're at it, have the same label options as for the other axes, like orientation, etc.

Level V

I've had the same difficulties with Group Fonts in Graph Builder. The best workaround for me is CTRL SHIFT + to enlarge everything in JMP, copy/paste, then reduce everything again with CTRL SHIFT -. Works on windows, not sure for Mac.

The following wish goes in a similar direction:

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