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Automatically run a script when a script when a data set is opened

I would like to have a Table Script that automatically runs when the data table is opened.  As a suggestion, If a Table Script by the name of "Startup" is saved in a data table, everytime the data table is opened, the "Startup" script is run.

And to bypass the execution of the script, if the CNTL key is pressed and held when opening the table, the script is not run.


Not required....see the On Open table script capability

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This might be doable in JMP 14, but not exactly as you specified.  Try these steps:

  • Create an On Open script, that runs when a JMP session is created
  • This script would do two things: 1: create a function (f1 or whatever) that gets the table scripts and if it has the script "Startup" run it, and 2: define a data table list subscription. 

           aSub = Subscribe to Data Table List( , OnOpen( f1 ) );

A little kludgey, but I think it might work.

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not sure if I get the details of what you're looking for. 

A script inside the data table with name "on open" will run automatically on opening the data table.

This is similar to what gzmorgan0 described.

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Good idea.......but I think a little too complex for the day to day user

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Well, the option is already avalable.......thanks for pointing me to the On Open script

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Thinking about this, this functionality could be more flexible if for every script in a data table one could say on right-click "use as on open script" or something like that.

One could then have several on open scripts in one table and scripts would retain a more meaningful name.

Also, this functionality would be easier to find. I was made aware by a JMP Systems Engineer last year after having used JMP for 6 years.

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