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Allow user to choose name of result table when using Make Combined Data Table or Make into Data Table

What inspired this wish list request? This post Referencing a table that is created via "make into data table"  where user is creating complicated Workflow and tries to get values from report tables (when JMP creates tables from report table boxes they will get named "Untitled automatically.)


What is the improvement you would like to see? When user uses Make Into Data Table or Make Combined Data Table let them choose the name of resulting table.


Why is this idea important? Improves JMP's capability to provide robust scripts to user (easier for non-scripter people to create automatisations with enhanced log and workflow builder).

Level VI

Great! Also, many other areas in JMP where you create new tables, you ARE given the option to give the to-be-formed table your own unique name, so I think this would be incredibly useful for scripting more complex workflows.

Level I

Great suggestion. I actually made the exact same one to JMP support in one of my communications.