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Supported Join types for Table > JMP Query Builder

JMP® Query Builder can be used to join two JMP tables. However, some may notice the option to "Include non-matching rows from table" is grayed out. 












JMP uses SQLite as its database engine for Table > JMP Query Builder. SQLite supports only the following Join types:

  • Inner-Join: returns rows when there is a match in both tables
  • Left-Join: returns all rows from the left table, even if there are no matches in the right table

Note: For those who desire to create right-joins, you can switch the order of the tables, when selecting Primary and Secondary tables, within the Table > JMP Query Builder user interface. Also, this note is applicable only to Table > JMP Query Builder. It is not applicable to File > Database > Query Builder, unless you are accessing an SQLite database within File > Database > Query Builder.


[Previously JMP Note 59817]

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