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Introduction to the JMP Scripting Language

Started ‎09-06-2022 by
Modified ‎01-22-2024 by
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Download the course files ( above to use in the course.


We’re excited to bring you this free e-learning course on an Introduction to the JMP Scripting Language (JSL). The course includes many topics, some for beginners new to using JSL, and some for more advanced JSL practitioners. You can choose your skill level and take the parts of the course that are most interesting to you.


The course was developed using JMP version 15. Most of the material remains unchanged for later JMP versions, but there were a few scripting updates in version 16. One big JMP 16 addition is the use of the enhanced log. Learn more about the enhanced log here.


Please send any feedback about the course to with the title “Feedback on Intro to Scripting Course” .