Controlling table with many columns


I have a table with more than 200 continues factor columns and few responses.

The columns are results of lab tests that look for the presence of substance in un object,

Each column is the amount of one substance.

These 200 columns can be divided in many ways (colors, purpose, activity, manufacture, etc.)

While analyzing the result I want to run all kind of tests and models on different groups out of the 200 columns.

What I'm looking for is a tool that allows me to easily select and un select different columns base on some deviation

What I think of is a sub table that the column name become rows.

 The Sub table is connected to the main data table, and every row that I'm selecting in the sub table, automatically select the corresponded column in the main data table.

I can add columns that define the original columns (now rows). Then easily select different groups in them. Put them in and out of models or any other dialog box.