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WVJUG Meeting Notes 2016-06-22.pdf

Willamette Valley JMP Users Group

Meeting minutes – 23 June 2016

First meeting! At Fujimi in Tualitin.

  • Welcome and Introductions, hosted by Wendy Obenauf. Introduced the steering committee:
    • Wendy Obenauf - Nike
    • Lucas Beverlin - Intel
    • Jay Holavarri – HP, Inc
    • Dave Cook –  Intel (retired but not done)
    • Jeff McKinnis – Fujimi
    • Scott Beatty – KLA-Tencor
    • Beth Dewey – Dynamic Measurement Group
    • Paul Handke – AbSci

Also, Dave brought brownies.

  • JMP Discovery Summit
    • Jordan discussed the JMP Discovery Summit, Sep 19-23, in Cary, NC.
    • The registration fee is 50% off for all user group members, which is us.
    • The speaker will be Randall Munroe of XKCD, the webcomic. [If you’ve never seen it, here is an example: Green Jelly Beans Cause Acne - the p-value says so.]

Business Meeting Portion

  • The Survey. Wendy brought a printed survey to help us make some decisions around meetings, officers, and food. Here are the results:




  1. We decided to meet quarterly, pay a fee for food, and meet during an early weekday evening. For the food, we agreed it would be okay for people to opt out. We can always change any of these decisions as we go forward.

Because we agreed to a fee, we added the need for a treasurer to the group to organize the way to collect money.

  • Meeting Locations
    • Everyone liked the Fujimi room, so other rooms at work locations would be good. Using a public library or rooms at a community college are also options. The ASA group meets at restaurant, so there may be options where the food fee also gets us a room.
    • Almost everyone in the WVJUG (Wave Jug?) is in Portland. We discussed having most of the meetings in Portland for that reason, but also occasionally throwing in a meeting in Corvallis and/or Vancouver. (It’s not clear if we have any Vancouver users yet, and we won’t go there if we don’t have any.)
    • The Veep will coordinate the meeting location.

  • Open vs Closed user group. This relates to the website and whether anyone can join. With a closed group, an admin accepts or rejects potential join-ees. There is the possibility of spam. Decided to go as an open group. We can change later if desired.

  • Positions and Roles. It was easy because there were volunteers for everything.
    • Leader/Chairperson – Lucas Beverlin
      • § Organize the steering committee meetings and emcee the regular meetings.
    • Vice-Leader/Chairperson – Jeff McKinnis
      • § Organize the logistics of the user group meeting
      • § Find the speaker for the meeting
      • § Takes over if something happens to the Leader/Chairperson
    • Treasurer – Don Lewis
      • § Collects the money for the food and whatever other expenses we decide to spend on.
    • Communications Dude – Jay Holavarri
      • § Responsible for the WVJUG website
      • § Scribe for the meetings
    • Terms
      • § Decided on yearly roles, except for the Vice-person, with elections in January. For this first term it will be 18 months since we are starting in June. The Vice-Leader/Chairperson will have a two-year commitment, moving up to Leader/Chairperson for the second year.
      • § Talked about term limits. We decided not to worry about that at this point.

  • Steering committee. These meetings will be held monthly and will include members who are not necessarily officers.

  • Topic Suggestions – this was also on the survey. Results:
    • ‘Blending DB data, filtering, merging files (in scripts)’
    • ‘Scripting, Process Capability, DOE’
    • ‘Data Mining’ – 2 people said this
    • ‘Forecasting, Simulation, Cost Optimization’
    • ‘JMP usage in different fields, new features in JMP’

Great first meeting!

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