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Next WV JMP User Group Meeting -- Monday, Oct 2

Hello all,


Georgia will be presenting a talk that she’ll also give at the JMP Discovery Summit in St. Louis, so even if you can’t go to the Summit you can get a piece of it in Portland. I’m looking forward to it. Here are the details:


Presenter: Georgia Morgan: An Agile Cause Analysis Using JMP


Cause analysis is a general term applied to the tasks used to investigate, analyze and eventually determine the causal factors of a single, or multiple, anomalies. Advanced machine learning methods and other data mining tools have reduced the time and effort to analyze data. Data prep, the steps to acquire data and transform it into information, require domain expertise. To root cause a complex, manufacturing process, it is likely that the domain experts are from different organizations and the data from different sources. A simulated, but representative, conditional anomaly will be used to demonstrate the benefit of using the JMP® virtual join and other tools for a cause analysis that takes multiple iterations.


When: Monday, Oct 2nd

                5:30 – Open discussion

                6:00 – Presentation

                6:30 – Q & A


Where: Beaverton Community Center (NOT the library, but next to it)

Vose Room

12350 SW 5th St #100

Beaverton, OR 97005






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Re: Next WV JMP User Group Meeting -- Monday, Oct 2

Would like to attend, but I will be out traveling. I will enjoy the talk at the JMP Discovery Summit in St. Louis :)