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Please advise the reading material for DOE.

Dear All,


I would like to learn more Design of Experiment (DOE) in JMP.  Please advise reading material or books for me to self study. Thank you.


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Re: Please advise the reading material for DOE.

Hi Sean,
There are some good resources here, to get you started-
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Re: Please advise the reading material for DOE.

The links referenced in the previous suggestion, are very good introduction to DOE.


I'll give you my opinion on the modern approach to DOE from an practicing engineers viewpoint.

Screening designs are usually the starting point.  View Definitive Screening Designs (DSDs) first.  Don't bother with Classical Designs - they are called classical for a reason - old fashioned!


Next view Custom Designs - it covers all the advanced stuff in classical designs, but better because you are not constrained to find a design that fits your situation, but rather you build a design that satisfies your situation. 


One of the best descriptive books on the subject is "Optimal Design of Experiments", written by two outstanding contributors Peter Goos and Brad Jones (co inventor if DSD's).

Re: Please advise the reading material for DOE.

There are some nice videos and other resources for learning DOE, more from an academic perspective, here: