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Let's get this group going in 2018!

Hi, all. I told Robin Moran that I would take a turn at leading this group, and I'd like to suggest that we get the ball rolling at long last in January and shoot for a 2018 of monthly meetings. But let's start by seeing what everyone's goals are. So, will you please reply with your thoughts about: 


0 brief intro of yourself (your "elevator speech")

1 frequency of meetings - monthly or quarterly? 

2 what kinds of things you'd like someone else to present on 

3 other kinds of sessions you'd like besides the typical "someone presents, then Q&A" format

4 what you personally would be interested in contributing (e.g. "I could give a case study on how we did X and achieved Y and Z" or "I could teach people how to…" or "I'd like to assemble a panel to discuss…" etc.)

5 anything else that you can suggest that, if it happened, would motivate you to make time to attend 


I'll go first, by replying with my answers to these questions, and I look forward to hearing from the rest of you! 


Erin Vang

Principal Pragmatist, Global Pragmatica LLC® - Custom JMP Scripting

Erin Vang
Principal Pragmatist, Global Pragmatica LLC® - Custom JMP Scripting
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Re: Let's get this group going in 2018!

0 - I'm a consultant who primarily does JSL scripting for hire. I wrote the first JMP Scripting Guide way back in JMP 4, and I worked in a variety of other roles for JMP R&D as an eleven-year SAS employee, primarily initiating and building up JMP's localization program from English-only to English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, German, French, and Italian--and they've added a few more languages in recent years, after I left SAS. Since 2009 I've been writing JSL so you don't have to. ;-) My degrees are in horn performance and math, I live in gorgeous Helena, Montana, and I share my home with a blind chocolate lab and five Siamese cats. 


1 - I suggest we shoot for monthly and don't sweat it too much if we don't quite manage it. 


2 - I would love to see how people are using the newer platforms in JMP with practical examples, case studies, success stories, and even failure stories--e.g. "here's what we thought we could do, but we ran into problems because…"--because sometimes failures are more instructive, and I suspect that putting our heads together might enable us as a group to turn some of those failures around. 


3 - I have been thinking about writing another book about JSL, and I'd love a group discussion about what a better JSL book would do differently.


I'd also enjoy facilitating a group discussion to build a consensus on what we as a group would recommend for future JMP development, be it a prioritized bug list, a set of high level design requests, or whatever it is that emerges as addressing important, widespread needs. 


4 - I would be willing to give sessions about JSL - could be a "how can you get started," a "stump the band" type of Q&A, a deep dive on a tricky topic (date/time formatting comes to mind, and regex!), whatever people would like. 


5 - For me, what would motivate me to show up and be a good group leader is having the rest of you show up, too, and get something of value out of finding an hour each month to join us. The more you generate ideas, volunteer to lead sessions, and give the group feedback on what is and isn't working for you, the more time I'll find to do my part. 


Who's next? ;-)


Erin Vang
Principal Pragmatist, Global Pragmatica LLC® - Custom JMP Scripting

Erin Vang
Principal Pragmatist, Global Pragmatica LLC® - Custom JMP Scripting
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Re: Let's get this group going in 2018!

Thank you Erin for taking a turn to lead this group!  I have known Erin for almost forever and she will do well by us!


0 - I too am a consultant/freelancer/contractor with a degree in stats. I dabble in data from a variety of industries with a strong focus working with small medical diagnostic companies.  In addition, I am a contract member of the JMP document team. I have used JMP for my entire professional career.

1 - I would suggest selecting different day of the week/time of the day for meetings as the group will cover folks all over the place (and always include time zone in annoucements).

2 - I love visualization of data (hmm, why do I like JMP?) and would like to see how others use graphics to explain, summarize, etc. their data.

3 - How about just Q&A?  You would have to come up with some process/rules for such a session.


4/5 - TDB

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Re: Let's get this group going in 2018!

Hi Erin, it was good to meet you at the last Discovery conference.  I think starting this back up would be good.


0 I am a JMP user who works deeply across the Analysis platform, from simple models to more complex predictive modeling, as well as doing a lot of scripting to make jobs easier for other folks.  Really, i do a little bit of everything.


1 frequency of meetings - I think quarterly has worked well in other groups i've been a part of, and it doesn't seem to overwhelm presenters in terms of coming up with topics.  Monthly may be ok if the meetings are shorter, like an hour long, but unless there is an abundance of topics, there could be some sparse months.


2 predictive models and lessons learned; creating visualizations (like the "Pictures from the Gallery" Discover pitch); 


3 In another group i'm in, we've done a "data deep dive" where there is a facilitator, but it's more up to the group as to how the data gets analyzed. The facilitator may have things they want to look at, but it ends up being more free form as other questions come up.  I don't know if this would work in a virtual setting.


Another idea would be to highlight some interesting questions from the JMP community boards.  If there are things that someone found that the solution was quite novel or particularly helpful, then that could be good to share.


4 Building models, from linear regression, to life distribution, to gen reg type models; connecting JMP to different data sources


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Re: Let's get this group going in 2018!

Thank you for starting this up again. I was unable to find anyone to take
it over from me--I am so glad you are willing.

I am happy to present or help in other ways -- I just can no longer lead
this group.

Bill Kappele.
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Re: Let's get this group going in 2018!

Hi, Erin!


What fun?!?  Thanks for inviting me...I'd love to come to your party!


0:  About 1.5 years ago, I retired as a statistician in the semiconductor industry after 39 years.  Retirement is the best thing since sliced bread...definitely worth the wait.  I loved being a statistician, but I love retirement even more dearly!  I've been a JMP user since 1992 (a SAS user since 1987!), and my coauthors and I are working on the second edition of our book, JSL Companion.


1:  Quarterly sounds about the right frequency to me, but maybe monthly until we get some momentum?


2:  I like hearing about people solving problems with statistics, visualizations, and problem-solving logic.


3:  Here's an idea: Several years ago, I had fun participating in an "analysis challenge", where several of us competed to accurately predict the Phoenix area house prices.  There were many interesting models applied, and there was fierce competition, if only for bragging rights! :-)  A similar challenge might be engaging.


4:  I can't presume to be able to teach anything to this august group of talented individuals, but I could share opinions (it's difficult to stop me!) and present on some case studies of JMP applications.


5:  As long as we're having fun, I will be motivated to attend.

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Re: Let's get this group going in 2018!

Glad to hear that this will strat soon.  Here are some responses for the questions you asked:


0 I'm an independent consultant doing market research support.  I'm also a JMP instructor and presenter for the JMP Public Event series.  Finally, I have a book on using JMP:  Market Data Analysis Using JMP (2016).

1 Monthly is preferred to keep the "juices" going.  Quarterly is too infrequent to make it useful.

2 I'm very interested at the moment to learn more about interactive graphics (sliders, check boxes, etc).  I always wrestle with them.  In addtion, the use of EVAL, PARSE, and SUBSTITUTE are issues for me, especially the first two.

3 No opinion yet

4 Perhaps.  I have a few scripts that I intend to post on the add-in site, so maybe I could talk about them (?)

5 Nothing at this time.


Walt Paczkowski

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Re: Let's get this group going in 2018!

0 I'm a long time JMP user employed for nearly 10 years with a large innovation-driven manufacturing company (following 20 years in analytical instruments and semiconductors). I have an educational background in electrical engineering, optics and statistics, and am fortunate to be able to use all of them on a regular basis.


1 Quarterly meetings in general I think would work better - but initially I think a few monthly 'quick chats' could help build the group.


2 I would love to hear about new ways of doing old things in JMP - as someone who started using JMP in 1992, I have missed many things that are new until seeing others use them!


3 Would also like a 'top 10 areas of JMP in desperate need of attention' type discussion - where a number of people commit to bringing one thing and we just talk about them.


4 Hmmm ... not sure yet.


5 For me, the best 'group chats' are ones where there is are 'facilitators' rather than 'dictators' - and I don't mean the leader! When one or a few people assume control of discussions and others feel they need to get permission from the 'chosen few' it effectively kills the experience (for me anyway). And yes, I have had that happen in an open group before.

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Re: Let's get this group going in 2018!

I'm in.  My responses:

0:  I'm a Chief Statisician for a major Oil and Gas company.  Previous stints at Kellogg, General Electric and Accenture.  Heavily involved in Design of Experiments, especially High Throughput Experiments.  But also get involved in retrospecitive data analysis (some call this Data Mining).

1.  Monthly for the first few months until we get a rhythm, then possibly drop back to every other month.  If we can get the dates and times out in front of people early enough, I like the idea of varying to make it easier on other time zones.

2.  Some Topics I would like to see include an intro to scripting, contrained design space in DOE.

3.  Someone suggested a data analysis challenge.  I would really like that.  Both as a participant and as an observer.  I think we tend to get in a rut sometimes in our approach to analysis.

4.Possible topics I could present:  Using Mixed Model Methodology to analyse highly autocorrelated historical manufacutring data.  Design considerations for High Throughput Experimentation.

5. Motivation to attend:  alternative analyses, and the ability to engage in a discussion on same.



Re: Let's get this group going in 2018!

Thank you for your response! Lots of good suggestions.
JMP is looking for speakers for upcoming meetings. Just wondering if you might be able to present when we meet in January?
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Re: Let's get this group going in 2018!

Hello all,

I'm Stan Siranovich, Principal Analyst at Crucial Connection LLC. I do Data Analysis and Statistical Experimental Design. Before that I did Polymer R&D, Product Development and Technical Marketing for Bayer, but have also worked for AkzoNobel, Cargill and Mobil Oil. My last assignment was as Sr. Data Analyst at Edumedics, a startup which helps organizations manage health costs associated with chronic conditions such as Diabetes and Hypertension. I've been using JMP since version 3 (early '90s?) and I'd like to focus my future contract work in the Biomedical / Electronic Medical Records area. I have a BS in Chemistry, graduate course work in Polymer Chemistry, and an MBA with concentrations in both Finance and Management Information Systems. I'm also a Microsoft Certified Professional and a Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator.

 1: I like every other month beginning in February and continuing with the even-numbered months.

2: Besides what's already been mentioned, I'd like some discussion on

  • deploying JMP against cloud data
  • deploying JMP in large, corporate environments
  • how to sell the implmentation of JMP vs. R, Python or (horrors) Excel and Google Sheets.

3: How about a session where two or three people present a short discussion of something they've worked on or are working on, followed by group discussion and comments?

 4: Unfortunately, most of the analyses that I have ready to present were done in R or Tableau. However, I'm planning a presentation on analyzing a large, publically available protein dataset using the Partial Least Squares platform in JMP 13.

 5: Some topics that are seldom discussed, but are important to those of us who work at the Science / Business interface, such as

  • Effects on the bottom line of a sound, focused analysis
  • Descriptive vs. Predictive vs. Prescriptive analyses
  • Why do Exploratory Data Analysis



Stan Siranovich

Re: Let's get this group going in 2018!

Hi Stan,
Thanks for replying.
About the presentation you're preparing, please do keep me updated. We've had previous presentations using public data sets like you mentioned, and they were well-received. Maybe once you have the presentation the way you want it, you'll consider presenting at one of the group's web meetings? Thank you!
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Re: Let's get this group going in 2018!

0 I'm a biochemist at Novozymes. I have a master's in biochemistry and am now learning about formulation development and chemical engineering in my new role. I don't have a ton of experience with "serious" data analysis and am just beginning to learn JMP.

1 Monthly would be fine with me

2 I like the idea of case studies as a way for me to learn what is possible in JMP

3 no opinions on this just yet :)

4 See #3

5 reminders would be very helpful to me! :)


Re: Let's get this group going in 2018!

0 I'm a field biologist employed by a fish and game conservation agency

1 frequency of meetings - semimonthly or quarterly sounds good - I think monthly is a bit too ambitious

2 I'd love to see demonstrations and presentations of things others have done with JMP

3 demonstrations of common tasks and examples of applications to different projects would be interesting to me because I'm just starting out in JMP

4 I can contribute my interest and my time in participating in the virtual users group

5 I agree with some of the others that I will participate as long as it is fun! 


Re: Let's get this group going in 2018!

Looks like I'm late to the party and may have missed it. I'm interested and hope to attend the JMP discovery Summit this fall. 

0 A chemical engineer with 40+ years of experience at Kodak and Bausch + Lomb. 

1 Monthly hasn't worked so let's try quarterly. 

2 Practical split-plot industrial experiments. I've read the Jones and Nachtsheim paper and would like more practical examples. 

3 Not too many choices for a virtual group. 

4 I can cover the history. I've run somewhere between 1000 and 2000 factorial experiments. I started with pencil, paper, a slide rule, and Yates algorithm to analyze a 2^n factorial as long as n < 5. For the big jobs I punched IBM cards and submitted the deck to the mainframe. 

5 I'd listen to anything Bradley Jones has to say. 

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