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Specialized Modeling Techniques for Interpreting Consumer Studies


See how to:

  • Tabulate survey data and testing hypotheses
  • e job satisfaction data and the Structured option in Categorical Response Analysis to summarize data by key metrics and determine if there are any statistical differences among respondents and across groups


See how to:

  • Identify and group related questions and identify latent factors influencing buying decisions
    • Use Factor Analysis to identify key latent factors

    • Examine the variable loading on each factor

    • Return to the original survey questions to determine language which best describes the latent factors
    • Use findings to predict future buying behavior


See how to:

  • Use JMP Pro Uplift Modeling to Identify prospects likely to respond to marketing promotions
    • Build models to compare purchase patterns of people who received a marketing promotion (treatment group) to those who did not receive the promotion (control group)
    • Identify characteristics of people most likely to respond to future marketing campaigns by purchasing the product


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