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Machine Learning and Biomarker Sub-Group Analysis for Precision Medicine


See how to:

  • Understand basics of machine learning
    • Compare differences between statistical modeling using data sample from a larger population and algorithmic modeling (machine learning) where data mechanism is unknown
  • Understand 4 types of models
    • Models that use different algorithms (regression, tree-based models, neural networks)
    • Models that use different parameter settings (grid search, random search, genetic algorithms)
    • Models that use different features (feature selection, feature extraction, feature engineering)
    • Models that deploy training sets (bagging, boosting, 5-fold cross validation)
  • Understand use of subgroup analysis and using subgroup identification (find correct patients for a given drug) and optimal treatment regimens (best drug for a given patient)
  • Use JMP Genomics
    • To predict death from sepsis on data collected at hospital admittance
    • To Identify differential molecular expression signatures for normal vs. polyp tissues attributable to chemoprevention therapy treatment in FAP
    • To use subgroup analyses to find clinical measures or metabolite biomarkers that exhibit 
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