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Welcome All!

I'm delighted JMP are helping us to setup the Singapore JMP User Group. I'd love to get the ball rolling and start planning our first ever meet-up which P&G Singapore will happily host with sponsorship from JMP.

Let's use this thread to begin figuring out:

  1. Date! - When do people want to meet? I'd like to aim for Jan 2016
  2. Topics! - What would people like to discuss or share?
  3. Speakers! - Would anyone like to volunteer? If we ask JMP to provide an expert what topics would we like covered?
  4. Volunteers! - Please step forward if you would like to be part of the steering committee for this community or if you just want to help with event #1.

I look forward to meeting you all soon.


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Re: Welcome All!

Hi Alex

Some comments on the following

Date: The first week of Jan 2016, sounds good.

Topics: How about asking on how do organization use JMP to solve their problems and what are the kind of functions that are used in doing that.

JMP also have some good graphical capabilities, maybe possible for people to share how they use the graphical interfaces to tell a story?

Volunteers: If help is needed, I could help out.



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Re: Welcome All!

Hi Zhenhui

Thanks for the input. We are still working on the exact date but target remains Jan2016.

Hoping we can get some more interaction going on here first, feel free to spread the word!