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White Paper: The JMP Design of Experiments Advantage

This 2016 white paper describes, gives examples, and walks you through when and how to use some designs available in JMP. 



Table of Contents


Custom Design .3

Define Responses, Factors and Factor Constraints .3

Specify the Model .4

Generate the Design .4

Review and Evaluate the Design.5

Conduct the Experiment .5

Fit a Model and Predict Performance .6

Custom Design Types.7

Optimize Custom Designs.9

I-Optimal Versus D-Optimal.10

Bayesian Optimality.11

Evaluate Design.13

Power Analysis.13

Prediction Variance Profile.14

Fraction of Design Space Plot.15

Prediction Variance Surface.16

Estimation Efficiency.16

Alias Matrix.17

Color Map on Correlations.18

Design Diagnostics .19

Augment Design .20

Define Factor Constraints .21

Definitive Screening Design.22

Main Effects Screening Design.23

Classical Designs .23

Screening Designs.23

Response Surface Designs .23

Full Factorial Designs.24

Mixture Designs.24

Classical Design Options.24

Specialized Designs .25

Covering Arrays.25

Choice Designs .26

Space-Filling Designs and the Fast Flexible Filling Method .27

Accelerated Life Test Design.28

Nonlinear Design.28

Taguchi Arrays.29



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