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Using Data View


If you’ve ever needed a portion of your data to stand-alone or wished one group of your observations were a separated set, you can easily select your data then right click to use Data View to automatically create a new table and paste that data right where you need it. 


Let’s run through the simple steps it takes to use JMP’s Data View command available right clicking in the rows panel on the bottom left of our open Data Table. 


With any data set open go ahead and select more than 1 row of Data.  We're using the Tiretread Stacked data set, available from the Sample Data Directory in JMP. 


Let’s right click on any Abrasion row observation and Select Matching Cells.   


Now that they are selected, navigate to the rows panel… right click on Selected…where it indicates that we have 20 selected..and select Data View. 


A new Data table opens with just are rows pertaining to Abrasion. 


We can also accomplish this by using Subset under the upper Tables menu, which offers many more options.  


However, using Data View can be faster if we want just a new Data Table showing only our selected rows. 


Hope this helps and enjoy using JMP. 

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